Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thank you letter from NZ Police

The above is a letter I received after talking to and demonstrating Tai Chi to members of the NZ Police.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Latest Class Information

The following Martial Art Classes are available

(1)Traditional Mi Zhong Quan Style


Free fighting

These classes are available at the following times:
Childrens Class
Saturday 2pm to 3:15pm

Adults Beginners Class
Wednesday 7:30pm to 8:30pm

Adults Advanced class
Saturday 3:30pm to 5pm

(2)Traditional Taiji class

13 Soft hands (wu fast form ---original great daoist Zhang Shan Feng's form)
Wu Style Taiji Quan
Taiji Nei Gong
Two Edge sword
Broad Sword
Sticky Staff
Taiji Push hands methods
Taiji free fighting

Classes are available at the following times:
Adults Beginner Class
Wednesday 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Adults Advanced Class
Sunday 8 am to 9:30am

(3)Private Lessons of the Following (For Individuals or small groups)

(a)Traditional Health Exercises From Ancient Masters

Hua Tuo
Wu Qin Xi

Xu zhen Jun
Standing Ba Duan Jin

Han Zhong Li
Sitting Ba Duan Jin

Fang Kai
Yan Nian Jiu Zhuan Gong

Yi Jing Jin

(b) Dong Bing Qian (1580-1679)

Dong style Six Harmony Spear .This spear was transmitted from Dong Bing Qian to Wang Zhong Jin,Ji Long Feng . and 13 soft hands and Dong Bei Quan were transmitted by Dong Bing Qian to Chen Zou Ting,Li Zhong and Li Xin.(Jiang Fa also taught Chen Zou Ting 13 soft hands )

(c)Xin Yi Liu He Quan Forms and Weaponary

Created by Ji Long Feng . Ji's 6th genration successer Li Zhen (JI-ZHENG-LI-MA-ZHANG-LI ZHEN) later transmitted to Dai Long Ban ,Dai Er Lv ,Guo Wei Han ,(Dai Er Lv ,Guo Wei Han taught Li Luo Nen who later developed it into Xing I Quan.)

(d)Yin Yang Ba Pang Zhang

During Qian Long years this was created by Dong who transmitted to his third generation Dong Meng Lin who later passed the arts to Dong Hai Quan and Li Zhen Ching.

From Dong Hai Quan it was later developed into Ba Gua Zhang


Seminars will be carried out for the following agendas:

Fist methods

Fist theory

Martial arts history

Martial arts applications in forms as well as weaponary

The philosophy behind the arts

Medical applications

(5) Fees

Large Public Classes
Children are $8 per class

Adults are $15 per class

Private Lessons are $50 per class


一, 传统迷踪门拳、械、散手



成人高级班 每周六3.30pm--5pm





成人高级班 每周天

三, 私人课(个人、或小组课)












四,讲座 有不定期拳法、拳理、拳史


五,收费 大班课: 少儿8元\课,成人15元\课;





04 4711818 或 021 1875654

Monday, May 3, 2010

Master Li, Lui He Spear posture comparison

The following link is to Grand Master Zheng Fu Li and his disciple Dr. Stephen Yan's liuhe spear and posture comparison of Dong's liuhe spear \ 13 posture soft hand ( zhang san feng original taiji)\ and xinyi six harmony quan .(this will be available in youtube soon)

The following is a photo of Grand Master Zheng Fu Li and part of Dr. Stephen Yan's students

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

“The untrue preface of Liu He Quan text” by Yan Zhi Yuan(Dr. Stephen Yan) 2009-12-08

Two days ago a martial friend Hu Gang from Canada called and asked about the status of the essay I started writing on “The untrue preface of Liu He Quan text”,enquiring if I have finished ? I replied that due to being occupied with training,work as well as my research work I have not had time to complete it.But I told him that when I was in Shan Xi Tai Gu I did obtain a copy of the Guang Xu period copy of the manual of Xin Yi Quan,and i did obtain another different copy in Ping Yao . In those two different two manuals , the preface was the earliest,the untrue preface of the manual came from Tai Gu branch of Xing Yi Quan.

The reason that I said so is because when Li luo Nen was learning Dai XYLHQ,the Dai Family XYLHQ and Guo Wei Han both were very conservative.In fact Li Luo Nen had never set eyes upon Dai’s family XYLHQ at all.His disciples at the prefecture of Tai Gu also did not know about Dai Shi XYLHQ.When Mai Zhuang Tu was invited to Qi county to teach martial arts to Fan family,Mai Zhuang Tu was also invited to the house of Li Luo Nen’s disciple’s house at Tai Gu.The martial skill of Mai Zhunag Tu did impressed the second generation of Xing YI Quan masters.The surpirise they have had was that it was the very first time they actually witnessed XYLHQ.And it differed from Xing I Quan significantly.This gave rise to their deep respect for Mai Zhuang Tu.Thereafter donation was made to build a small bridge at Lu Shan the hometown of Mai Zhuang Tu.It was called “He Hu Jiao”(Black Tiger Bridge).I visited the place and Mai Zhuang Tu's great grandson Mai Gui Sheng several occasions and have sighted the names of those who donated the money for the building of the bridge.It was carved on the stone at the location.including the names of Che Yi Zhai ,Song Shi Rong .

And Xing I Quan second generation became worried that other might thus question their lineage and purity .There they have found a few reasons to explain away the differences between their system and Mai Zhunag Tu’s.Hence pulled an unrelated Cao Ju Wu name in aid to falsely create the “preface” to the manual.Making Dai Long Bang,Ma Xue Li both were learning from Cao Ju Wu .There were lack of communivcation esp relating to lineage issue there seldom wish by the responsible to add words to the matter if possible ,the second generation Xing I masters only heard of the name of Dai Long Bang and Ma Xue Li.But no one knows that Dai Long Bang and his sons were the disciple of the grandson’s of Ma Xue Li ,Li Zhen,hence created the untruth stating that Ma Xue Li had asked Dai Long Bang to write the preface.And brought in Cao Ju Wu,creating further misleading writings on Ma Xue Li,Dai Long Bang as well as Cao Ju Wu's disciples hence placing Xing I as in the same league as XYLHQ.Because of the conservativeness of Dai’s family the writers did not even got the name of the Dai father and sons wrong.The writer of this essay who made this untrue preface was Li Yun Heng,both Che and Song clearly jioned to plane the story .

When I am free to write more I will detail more on this matter.At the same time I would like to point out that on the falsely written “Ji Ji Ke self preface” came from the same source.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Classes have started for 2010

Happy New Year, and welcome to 2010! The next class intake is starting from the 10th of February at Thistle Hall.

There will be Condensed Workshops and Seminars scheduled for later in the year covering Applications, Push Hands and Theory. Please check back regularly for dates.

Students will also be pleased to know that Stephen will able to provide a discounted term rate for those who are able to provide a Valid Student I.D. Also please note that Kids Kung Fu has been moved to Saturdays only.

Begining 10th of February 2010 , Stephen will be holding classes on Wednesday evenings at Thistle Hall, upper Cuba St, Wellington (Corner Cuba and Arthur Street - First Floor).

Every Wenesday

6:30pm to 7:30pm = Tai Chi, Beginners to Advanced, Forms, Weapons and Push Hands

7:30pm to 8:30pm = Kung Fu Northern Shaolin (Adult classes)

Wenesday Fees:

Casual Attendance: $15.00 per lesson

3 Month term: $150.00

Students that are able to present a valid Student I.D. receive the following term rate:

3 Month term : $120.00

Kids Kung Fu Saturday Classes

Stephen will also be holding Classes at his Wu Guang (Private training hall) based in Lower Hutt every Saturday begining the 13th of February 2010, at 80a Pharazyn Street, Lower Hutt.

The schedule for Saturday training is as follows:

2:00 pm to 3:00 pm = Kids Kung Fu Junior Group (Shaolin Style)

2:00 pm to 3:30 pm = Kids Kung Fu Ages 8+ (Shaolin Style)

Kids Kung Fu Fees

Casual Attendance ages 5-8 years: $5 per child per lesson

Casual Attendance ages 8-13 years: $8.00 per child per lesson

Private Lessions for individuals and small groups are available by arrangement. Please contact Stephen Yan for details.

For more information regarding classes or to make a private appointment, please e-mail Stephen:

or phone: 04 471 1818