Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Regarding the letter that Master Yan Long Chang wrote to DaiZiQiang(Jon Dyer)

Dr Stephen Yan --- A  matter of respect

Jon Dyer(Dai zhi qiang) was my student from 1994 until 2007. He was enthusiastic and had a keen interest in martial arts, in particular the Chinese styles. I had trained for many years so I had a lot of information to present to him, much of it unusual or even controversial because I had studied the histories and hierarchy of the styles I had practised and some of the details I discovered countered that normally taught in many popular schools. He was very fortunate I feel to meet me because I have such a passion and back this up with long hours of training and cultural study of the classics. I actually started formal training at age 13 , I am now 50 , have never stopped training during this period , and still train twice a day , and teaching every week, students from local and overseas .
I have even built a training hall in my yard at home to train in every day and to teach classes. Not only this but I have brought out many great masters to live with me for months at a time in order to get the true nuances of the systems and all this gets passed on to my valued students(13 masters from period of 25years) . It is my life! As my chosen vocation I am an acupuncturist and massage therapist (was a surgeon of general surgery before immigrate to NZ) and everything I do revolves around this philosophy of self-preservation and appreciation of natural remedies. I cannot honesty tell you how many hours I have studied the great books of wisdom and translated their worth into a language people can understand. Although I am Chinese I now live in New Zealand but make regular trips back to China for the sole reason of learning more about these national treasures. Many of these old masters are dying now year by year and I feel it my job to preserve and restore their collective knowledge and to treat it as gold. My students understand that they are being gifted precious information from my travels and teaching. Anyway, I have taken Jon to many destinations in China to act as guide and translator and mentor. This was a great privilege for him and I did my very best to make him comfortable and direct him to the best places and people to learn. I do not do this for just anybody, there is a trust and respect and caring in this – not merely a “favour” lavished on anybody walking through the front doors of my training hall.
Jon started with Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and then progressed to Xing Yi , Dai Xin Yi and then Qin Na. I knew in the beginning his lifestyle was far from perfect but do not need to go into that here. Although he did romanticise about Chinese Martial Arts in the beginning (Like many people) he soon realised that it was more about hard work and hard study than a theatrical performance. He was ordinary or regular in his training and did not particularly stand out so I decided that I treat our relationship as a business arrangement rather than a Mentor/Protégé type. This appeared to work well. We trained every week in private lessons.
Later I felt by his demeanour and by what he said that he had changed his lifestyle more in keeping with that held by serious martial artists from the past. With this understanding I decided to make him an inner disciple. This was witnessed by Master Yan  (Xin Yi Master) and so it legitimised and lodged in history the deed as done. That would have been fine if he had actually changed and the story completely true. Unfortunately he has now left me and is saying unsavoury things which is irresponsible and in many cases unfounded. He has stumbled on some very public forums to hurt himself and others. It is very shameful to see a young man disintegrate and become so angry at the world and people providing him shelter and food in the form of teaching. I wish no harm or bad things to come to him of course but he needs help if this continues. I hope somebody else can offer some comfort to him and make him realise the mistakes he has made and the damage done to his nearest and dearest. Anyway my path lays ahead of me as it does for him also and hopefully people reading this can see through his delusions to get to the actual truth.

Master Yan Long Chang,

About two months ago on the Blog of Jon Dyer (my disowned student), I saw your letter to him for the first time. Since then I have thought of writing a letter to you, but due to being busy training, working, teaching and writing it did not happen until today.

Today when I was about to put down the words there was still some reluctance on my part. There are so many things on my mind to talk about, but there is also an unwillingness to record all of these things. I do not like to talk too much about these types of things. People who read this might laugh at both of us. You were indeed my teacher for well over 15 years. So why would I want to make mention of our conflicts?

Evan Chen and Jon Dyer, who in their gratitude towards you for raising their rank and by issuing them both Teaching Certificates (it is quite laughable this whole affairs of fast tracking disciples succession) passed on their rumours about me, their very own teacher for over 10 years. I have been strongly criticised, and put down with this spreading of lies.

Given the situation, I prefer to be direct, clear and not beat around the bush. So I will try my best to address here the letter that you have written to Jon Dyer and was published on his blog site

In march 2009 or there abouts, I had just returned from China. Jon Dyer called me on the phone and He asked about my tour in China. Jon had been with me for well over 10 years as a student, and also he was at that time one of my disciples. I trusted him and hence gave him a warm reception on the phone. But at that time he has already been accepted by you as your disciple behind my back, the phone call was merely a way to find out how much I actually knew about the betrayal. This constitutes the first step to criticise and denigrate me. I was as ever so trusting and unaware of anything at this point

The following day Evan Chen, another disciple of mine for well over 10 years, made his appearance in the plot against me (Evan Chen was one of my most trusted disciples at that time).

Evan wrote on the web site that he and Jon Dyer are authentic certified teachers of your art. At the same time Evan refuted the authenticity of the story in the preface of my first Taiji book. This is the preface that he wrote for me in 1999.

Specifically Evan was refuting the story about my exchange with Dan Brook the then kickboxing champion. Evan was fully aware that the fabricated story he was now spreading came from Jon Dyer. (If the exchange with Dan happened the way Jon is now saying it did, then is he saying that he is a stupid person and an idiot, or that his brain was somehow damaged by something so that he ignored my supposed failing and yet continued to learn from me for another 10 years? Or has he gotten confused about what happened 10 years ago due to his poor memory? In either case, I told him to bring Dan back and try on me again to refresh his memory. The only other possibility is that he is just simply an ugly liar). Yet Evan intentionally passed on this new story from Jon as if it were the truth. Finding an excuse to stab me behind my back. He did all this for you. It is to be said that I think he has done all this against his better nature, and that I know he wanted to thank you for the fast track promotion and the gift of the certificate.

Let’s think about this. If Evan Chen and Jon Dyer had been with you for say 3-5 years, then all this is actually credible. Unfortunately they have met you merely on a few occasions, and with that you fast track their path and certified their qualification. Are you trying to deceive them? Why would you do such a thing?

This act of yours is deemed irresponsible towards the DSXYLHQ system. Why indeed should a man in your position do it?

It seems it is your selfish way of doing things that has driven you to do this. Indeed China and its current ill air has corrupted and changed you.

When I saw Evan’s letter, there was disbelief and anger. I forthwith wrote to Evan and Jon informing them that they had been disowned and expelled from my school.

Among my students, some are good in martial skills, others not so good. All those that are able to, improve gradually with patient teachings and coaching. But such a taint in personality and disregard for the traditions simply cannot be further encouraged nor allowed. There is simply no choice but to expel both of them.

After about a week of them being disowned Jon Dyer started his spreading of rumours on his web site. Spreading lies to put me down. He also posted to other web sites as well, and posted most 'specifics' in web blogs.

In the blog they gathered a few of my past students of mine and a Russian person whom I have never even met and criticised me and set about to destroy my reputation on the Internet. After Jon’s phone call, and Evans web posting, this constituted the 3rd step in your plot.

The above behaviours were met with protests from both other students of mine as well as me in a most vehement manner.

The 4th step of your plot is in a form of a letter to Jon Dyer in January 2009, and published on Jon’s web site. This letter's purpose was for aiding the lies against me.

On reading the letter, I found it first shallow then even amusing. In that letter my DSXYLHQ was criticized as being incorrect, and Jon Dyer’s way is more correct - more authentic. And it is with this you intend to select Jon as the successor. Jon Dyer then also wrote to informing Tom one of the the blog administrators that he will be the successor of the arts and will spread the arts worldwide. Aiming at providing a future to DSXYLHQ.

(But Master YLC you yourself have yet to be appointed to be a successor, so how can you appoint Jon Dyer as one? What then about Evan? Or the Russian?)

In my 20 odd years as a teacher of martial arts Jon is one of those few that I have had to repeatedly correct. He could still never get it quite right like other better students.

May be you can correct his forms. And also be able to make sure he will never change them in the future. My thinking is that if you can first guarantee this, then and only then you can talk about the subject of “Successor”. Hence the spreading of the arts to the end of the world will be realistic.

The letter and the certificates have made fools of Evan and Jon. They are irresponsible to DSXYLHQ. It benefits only yourself (Perhaps they can support you financially). You have not considered others.

On the web site where the video of your training is shown, you have considered that my forms are not as correct as Jon’s. If that is the case, I am willing to put my “Shi Ba” and my “Hu Pu” forms side by side with Jon’s similar videos. Let’s compare them. Why not? Will that not make it clear to all?

These untruths can be so easily proven as such. Yet you have committed these untruths... You have indeed changed.

Now another issue has came to mind. It is about the story of Wang Guo An, and your discontent with your Master YUE GUI NING for leaving out the DSXYLHQ spear and Dian Xue Jue out of your syllabus. You waited until YUE GUI NING had passed on and then introduced a distant relation of your wife, Wang Guo An, and said that he was your secret Master. This was for the purpose of venting your frustration and hatred towards Master YUE GUI NING.

I believed your story at first, but later I found out that apart from an external breathing exercise, this Master Wang Guo An had never taught you anything at all. And you have designed your very own version of Er Mei Ci even. It was never from Master Wang Guo An at all. You have admitted this to me in 2007 after my incessant inquiry. I did not wish to follow you erroneously and be accused of being a person who disregards history and the truth. Seeking the truth remains the highest personal principle in my study of martial arts and learning. It is a measure I am living by in all areas of my life.

A few of your classmates, such as Cao Ju Zi, Zhao Sui Gen, Duan Zi Gang, have followed you in error. They believe the lineage of Master Wang Guo An in you (Jon Dyer’s essay has lied about yourself being the only disciple of Master Wang Guo An as well).

In the end they never learned even a single authentic move. Cao Ju Zi was publicly criticised due to his mistake of making mention of Master Wang Guo An. A similar shame happened to you. You have been always very bitter about the fact that you were announced disowned by YUE GUI NING’s DAI XIYI orgnisation.

In a similar fashion to your story about Wang Guo An, due to your discontent with me, you have written to Jon Dyer creating stories to deceive Jon. This seems to be your way to vent frustration and hatred towards myself.

It seems that you are in the habit of creating stories when you are not happy with others. It is not necessary due to my specific behaviours that you are focusing upon. This is your habit.

For nearly 2 years I refused to contact you. You thought that it is due to my ungratefulness towards you. Thinking that after learning the complete arts I then began abandoning the Master.

Because of this you felt there is now a need for you to find my replacement. One or more people to provide a regular monthly income for you. Hence you deceived Jon Dyer making him believe that he indeed can be the “successor”.

You also think that I have become wealthy through the teaching of martial arts. Actually I have in the past 10 years only taught 2-3 students this DSXYLHQ and mostly these students learnt for free...

Encouraging Evan and Jon to create rumours in order to ridicule me, in the hope that I will loose students and hence be unable to make a living. It is both laughable and immature of you indeed.

I first thought all these attacks were the works of Evan and Jon. It was not until the emergence of the January 2009 letter that I began to see that you are the dominant hand in this plot. Evan and Jon both have paid dearly for this. Most importantly with their personal creditworthiness. Irredeemable indeed. And all for fast tracking promotions and the certificates.

You should be aware of the truth:

To rely on teaching martial arts is not only impossible but risking starvation even. The money I input into the learning of the martial arts far outweighs the money I get from teaching and writing of books by many hundred fold. This I do realize is a guaranteed loosing business, yet I still proceed with it, only because I love martial arts. Also I feel I have a responsibility towards Chinese culture, and wish to preserve the traditions in the arts. And I am also trying to avoid further bastardization of the already dying arts.

Truth shall remain, the videos of you on the web site, those that we have filmed together...They speak louder than the rumours from Evan and Jon disputing the authenticity of the story of Dan Brook’s exchange with myself. Later using Master Yek Sing Ong and my push hands video (SE Asian Taiji Champion) and the doubting of my lineage from Master Ma Yueh Liang. All these are rumours.

I have no choice but to present the still picture of the video of push hands with Master Yek Sing Ong and to show on the Internet a personal letter written to me by Master Ma Yueh Liang. They are all now on my blog (

This is to refute the shameless lies said about me (By this way I have harmed both Master Yek and Master Ma’s other students out of great reluctance .I prefer compassion and non vengeance).

It breaks my hearth thinking that before this I trusted these two expelled disciples. I have thought of passing on all that I had ever known and realized to them unreservedly. It included all styles. Their unsavoury acts in collusion with you are indeed an unfortunate event in the drama of play and event in life.

Creating rumours is one thing. Spreading is yet another. There is a rumour that they spread on the Chinese web sites against me, denying me as a disciple of Master Wang Shu Wen. It even went as far as someone falsely claiming to be a reporter that interviewed Master Wang Shu Wen. I did reveal the truth of the matter by taking Jon along to Master Wang’s place. At his home on the wall are many pictures of his disciples. The first one was showing me being accepted as a disciple. It was in Shanghai, taken in Shanghai Wang Kai Photography shop. That picture is clearly the picture of a master and his disciple.

Further rumours said that if I were to return to China they most certainly would seek me out perhaps even harming me.

You are aware of course those who tried to damage me and threaten me are those whose scams I have exposed as false previously.

The two expelled students of mine have helped to spread these lies onto the English websites. When I returned to China at the end of last year I published on the Chinese web sites of my impending return and stated the time and places I would be. I spent three days waiting and yet they were a no show. They are Liars, totally lacking in any resolve.

I attended the XYLHQ competition, in particular the “Shi Ba Cui” and “Duan Pin” events. I won first prize for each of them. Rumours said that I was not even there.

However after I posted the videos of the competition on the web I no longer hear from any of them. How unreliable all those sorts of rumours are indeed.

I am not too sure if it is Jon Dyer lying or if it is you Master Yan Long Chang that has deceived Jon. He mentioned that there is this “Yin Yang Tian Di Ba zhen tu” from DSXYLHQ system. It is this that you have not taught me, hence proof that I have not learned everything from you. However this set is from Master Ma Er Niu(created by MA.Er Niu) YUE GUI NING‘s branch has not got this set. It is so wrong to deceive Jon Dyer like that.

On reflection, I consider what could be the reasoning for you to destroy this 15 odd years of our relationship. And also to cause harm to so many others . And not even benefiting yourself in the end.

I have looked after you for so many years. Let’s not delve into the 2 occassions that I have arranged for you to come to NZ (On the second occassion it included your wife as well) You are the only teacher of mine that I did this. Other teachers never repeatedly asked to come to NZ. Definitely not twice.

On the second stay in NZ at the end of the 6 month stay there indeed was some conflicts between us. Ancient way says: “Wisemen or Gentlemen agree to disagree”

You wanted me to promote you, find more students for you and get you more income. I did all that. I wrote a long essay on the Chinese Internet to promote you. And Jon Dyer did the same for you on the English websites. Despite this you recently asked the Russian student to comment on my essay promoting you and say I had a ‘great imagination’. In truth when we did exchange for the very first time you did not strike me out at all. I however have in the spirit of promoting you said that I was pushed to the wall and 1 foot off the ground even. It is all exaggerated to promote you.

In my love to preserve the culture and not wishing to see it disappear into oblivion, I worked hard for you. However to you, culture or not, complete or not, matter little to you. All you want is promotion and for you to get rich in this period.

To promote you I do not have any problem with that. But to care not about others it is a problem. To promote XYLHQ and not just DSXYLHQ is my wish.

There are other XYLHQ like :

* Luo Yang Xin Yi liu he Quan

* Mai Zhuang Tu Xin Yi liu he Quan

* Li Chun Hu Xin Yi liu he Quan (12 da shi)

These are also the Xin Yi liu he Quan styles that I care about. I just simply cannot focus on your personal interest alone. It is the whole of XYLHQ culture that matters to me. I hope to do research, and arrange the materials of all the styles of XYLHQ. I feel I have a personal responsibility and purpose as a scholar as well as a martial artist to do this. Our irresolvable conflict lies in these differences.

There is another conflict of ours. I have decided to go to another teacher to learn DSXYLHQ Spear and Dian Xu Jue since you have not learned these from your teacher. But you were unhappy about that, thinking that I should give you the money instead. You do not understand my wish to preserve the culture of XYLHQ. I want to have complete knowledge and study all the different styles of XYLHQ. You have a different wish altogether.

There is another thing. During our exchange you did fall out repeatedly. You thought that I was disrespecting you. You Felt very raw about it despites my continuous consolation. You remain upset with me.

Of course you worship Chairman Mao. You have come consider him as a great man. I however think that he is the number 1 criminal of Chinese culture and race. He destroyed the Chinese traditions as well as our culture, perverted human values, and committed great human atrocity. He is a mega historical criminal. That we debated countless times.

On Deng Xioa Pin, you dislike him because you have not benefited from his changes. I however praise Deng and strongly dislike the dictatorial system instead.

There is a blog writer called “Wen Wu Jian Pe” he told me that you informed him that I have become wealthy through teaching martial arts. That is so laughable indeed. As I said before this is simply not possible in New Zealand. Especially as the number of people interested in DSXYLHQ would struggle to make up a single class.

The above conflicts have lead you to do the followings to me. Disregarding our 15+ years of Master and student relationship

* I let 2 of my students taking you out .You abuse my good intention. You deceived them. Issuing them teaching certificates behind my back. Trying to cut out my hope to set up DSXYLHQ

* You care nothing about traditions or etiquette. You seduced the two students to betray me. In reality all you have to do is to tell me your wish. I would gladly allow those two to serve under you just like I allowed Tony to work with you. You have ignored the proper way of doing things. Rather you like the status struggle of Mao’s way.

* I got my wife to take you out buying you gifts. Not only have you told some untruth in my father’s face leading him to warn me of you, saying that you have unkind intention. But similarly creating rumours in front of my 8-9 months pregnant wife, upsetting her greatly.
Why are you like that? I have more than 10 Masters, and none of them are like you.

* Was it not enough that I have arranged for you and wife to come to NZ? What about nearly fifty of thousands of RMB? You want a truck for your business use, and house in Qi Sian city. Those two things were beyond what I can afford. so I couldn’t supply them to you. Why would you interfere with my personal life, creating lies? When I teach my students I have never got involved with their personal matters...What is this tradition of yours?

* What you do not like about others you have spoken. That is your habit. I listened to it and made no comment. Your attempt to put a wedge between my wife and I however is beyond the limit of my level of tolerance. I got so upset, I called you to tell you off.

* For 2 years I ignored you. Last year I went to Pin Yao, China and I did not visit you. You thought that I had abandoned you. Hence plotting all these schemes to hurt me. But none of these harm me a bit. It has instead brought on a new wave of interest in my school. There is even a policeman came once a week or a fortnight from far away to do the class with me. Why do all that?

* You are a two face person. And very skilled in that I might add. Before you left in 2007 you pretend to tell Jon Dyer off for taking Kris’ student (I allowed Kris to follow you, to let you make some money, I do not know why after a few lessons he left you for Jon’s class, and you were feeling quite upset about that). At the farewell in the Airport with an embrace you thanked me for arranging you to come to NZ, you told me that foreigners like Jon is somewhat unreliable, and you even pretend to tell Evan off for taking away my students, saying that he does not know the proper way. As you were leaving he did not even come to send you off (but all you three have been in collusion with each others even at that point) Yet in tears you delivered all these touching words.

* About your relationship with your son and daughter-In-laws because it is your personal matters, I will not mention here. Your error is in your constant selfishness. It is because of that you cannot be fulfilled.

* Try this, if you would have asked for Evan and Jon from me I will never reject you. And if you would not have put a wedge between my family and I, I would be still sending you money monthly. Helping to promote you and gather students your way.

* If you are more open and sincere about XYLHQ I can share with you whatever you have yet to know. Its total content and its complete theory. Sharing unreservedly with you. Just as you have done for me in the last 15 years.

* All these years Master YLC you have indeed been diligent in your teaching, including the healing of my injured back. You performed Tui Na on me. I am indeed very touched. Master YLC you have trained hard for so many years you do possess the “Gong Li”. The shame is that all that gong li came solely from you. Why don’t you seek deep from the classical knowledge of DSXYLHQ? In that depth there is a wealth of knowledge.

* Master YLC your understanding of DSXYLHQ history, martial theory and methods etc including applications and weapons and its applications have yet to attain the level befitting that of a true transmission. There is in fact a lack. It is exactly because of this reason that when you met with an adapt hand in martial arts you cannot issue forth the true force of DSXYLHQ instead opening up gaps that make you susceptible to an attack.

* DSXYLHQ is indeed a very conservative art form. Master YLC you want me to show you the “Cai Yi”. You told me that you have heard of Master Yue gui Ning trained in some “Cai Yi” and he did not teach you. And you wanted to learn. If Master YLC remain as open like this. I perhaps can bring it all out to discuss and investigate and share them with you.

* When we talked about the Monkey Squat of DSXYLHQ. On the body of BOW. You did not know where “Gong Ba” or “Gong Xiao” actual locations were. However after I told you the locations that were taught to me by Master Ma Yueh Liang you suddenly realized and jumped with joy. Praising unceasingly the skills of Master Ma Yueh Liang.

* If you have not planned all these unpalatable acts, knowing the error of your way. I will look upon our relationship of many years and perhaps one day I could have forgiven you. This time you have caused me to abandon you.

* When I saw Jon Dyer’s letter passing rumours and lies about me, I thought he received instructions from you to have it written as he has a regular habit to exaggerate and lie. After a while I saw your letter on his web site then I knew for sure it was all from you.

* Selfishness has blinded your ability to rise above yourself.

* You have presented faked lineage of master from whom you have not even learned a move.

* You make the martial arts brother of the same rank as yours juniors. Robbing Master Yue gui Nin’s students from him. (I will not go into details here)

* You robbed me of my students.

* Wishing someone to send you regular income you then deceived them with your lies.

* I ignored you but you did not reflect on its underlying reasoning. Instead you schemed a plot to destroy me.

* Your established a Master-Disciple transmission traditions of your own. I still remember the story you told me about Master Yue gui Nin.

* A lof of your self seeking tendency I can tolerate. But present a barrier in my family that I cannot tolerate that at all. It is totally unforgivable.

* 10 years ago your tears moved me. Then was your first time in NZ. My family suffered tremendously because of you then.

* The second time in NZ, you recycled your hideous act to destroy my home once more. Most selfish and I cannot allow that.

* Evan Chen’s nature is very good. He is highly educated. His ability to understand martial arts is not bad. At first I thought that he can understand this objective of mine, to restore the Chinese traditional arts and culture. Working together to put together and arrange and present them in the future.

* I do not have the ability to promote world peace for the Chinese race but to realize the common or universal values of peace, democracy, individual freedom, justice. These can be considered practical deeds on behalf of the Chinese people. But for the price of a certificate, to spread rumours. It briefly broke my heart. (Jon Dyer also mentioned that you were sad because of me, I believe there is no truth in that. You have used me, now that you have many students, are you sad? However, if the heart break is real, then my sadness for loosing Evan and the reason of your sadness is as different as heaven and earth. The former grieves for loosing a partner of a common goal in life’s ideal. The latter grieves for failing to reach a self seeking goal)

* Jon Dyer is also not a bad person. Not as highly educated as Evan. Jon has a bad habit to tell lies. When I consider the XYLHQ principals of 3 reasons to teach and 3 reasons not to teach, I almost did not want to accept him as my disciple. This was mainly because of what I knew about Jon’s past. But Jon had followed me for well over 10 years, and I thought that maybe he was sincere. I have indeed corrected many of his mistakes. In the end I accepted him as a disciple. But due to his desire to be the DSXYLHQ’s successor, under your instructions he spread poisonous lies against me. Although the onus of responsibility in his error I still place it squarely on you, Master YLC.

* I expelled both these students, starting a new path for them to learn DSXYLHQ from you. Do teach them properly. Do not play successor game any more. Avoid their struggle to be a successor of DSXYLHQ and get into fights amongst Evan, Jon and the Russian. In reality, learn the skills, pass on the DSXYLHQ arts. Make that your true objective.

As I write till this point, the anger that was in me has subsided. Perhaps I cannot solely put the blame on you. I blame Chairman Mao. He severed the spinal cord of the Chinese people’s long and rich culture. Halted the achievement of reaching cultural climax. In its rightful place Chairman Mao has instead replaced achievement with cultures of the peasant minds, such as the minds of land grabbers, minds of men who can think only of severely harsh rules to torture and to punish. The current government promotes Mao’s culture in an unprecedented manner. In the cities people are more selfish. They care very little except for themselves. Your behaviour is a reflection of the current social ill.

A gentleman likes to have wealth. But more importantly is to attain it in the proper way. If you leave behind “self” you will be even richer. Now you have many overseas students. You have crossed that bridge indeed. We who resemble a temporary bridge structure have passed our “use by date”. I hereby willingly dismantle this structure of support. Let the past flow eastward. I herby wishing you and you successor all the very best and hope to see you truly spread the arts of DSXYLHQ in Ernest.

This relates to an American named Kris Bowen. It is yet another episode in this saga.

About a year ago, Kris rang in requesting about the format of the DSXYLHQ training. After we had met he told me that he is an American married to a NZ wife. He related to me that he has a disability on one side of his body. That injury was caused by an accident during a play while he was in the Army. Part of his neck vertebrae was broken. His purpose in training DSXYLHQ is to strengthen the body. I then proceeded to teach Kris.

After a while, he told me that he would like to change his job from the Telephone exchange to something else. So he enrolled in a Web Design course. It was then he noticed that my Web Site had not been updated for a while. He then told me that he will update my Web site for me. This will then also give him an opportunity to practise what he was then learning at the course.

I trust people rather easily despites some people have told me that people can be difficult. Hence I believed in Kris. I proceeded to provide him my Web site’s password as well as material for the Web updates.

Kris was rather dedicated in the work at first so I decided to wave his private lesson fee in exchange for the work he was doing for me. He agreed in gratitude.

After a while he met Jon Dyer. Jon was another student of mine. After they got to know each other well Jon told me that Kris had given him many bits of software.

Jon got upset one day with Evan for not paying Kris for doing his web site and he complained to me. Evan was another student of mine... I told Jon that I really did not know what had transpired between Kris and Evan at all. It would be best Jon to ask them directly.

In 2007 Master Yan Long Chang came to NZ. I wanted to help him financially. So I introduced Kris to him as a student. After learning from Master Yan Long Chang for a short time Kris left without giving anybody involved the reason. Master Yan Long Chang was feeling rather upset. He complained that Jon had taken Kris off him. That Kris is now learning from Jon. I was rather amused by all these especially considering the drama that Master Yan, Evan and Jon have created against me later. One really does not know what to make of it. A comedy or a tragedy? The like minded gathered together, I Suppose.

After Kris left Master Yan Long Chang I too had little contact with him.

In fact gradually I even forgot that he was doing my web site updates.

A surprise, on the second half of 2008 someone came and inform me that my Web site had gone disappeared.

Fortunately the Host company of my Web Site had previously did a backup. But the Web Host company told me that the disappearing of the Web site was due to someone who has my password and can access the web site to delete things.

It became clear to me that it must have been Kris. A nasty person indeed.

People might ask why that guy would do such a thing to me. What right had he to do that? Especially considering that his Service to me was in exchange for his waving of private lesson’s fee. And my Web site was in a way the materials for his Web course training. And before all these my Web site might not have been updated but there was content on that web. There indeed cannot be any good reason for him to offend me. If I were to venture a reason it could only be that he is being just a nasty person.

And nasty person and bad characters are always in co-hort in their endeavour... That is just being natural.

But I am grateful to them for opening up my eyes and educated me to identify future nasties and bad characters much easier. And to be able to quickly avoid or rid of them in the future.

I will never allowed these unruly baddies to messed about with the progress of Chinese culture

Thursday, September 10, 2009

关于阎龙昌师傅给DAIZHIQIANG(JON DYER)的信,及兼答所谓“‘吾师颜紫元’一文的纯清” --------- 颜紫元


颜紫元 25-05-09


约两个月前, 在本人前弟子Jon Dyer的网上,第一次见到您给他的信后,就想提笔给您致函,只是练功、工作、教拳、写书等事繁忙,一直拖至今天。

可今天动笔时,又不太想写了。要说的,太多了,我既不愿费那时间录之于笔,又不愿多谈,让旁人笑话,因为您毕竟曾是教过我十数年的老师,我怎么可以把那些事都端出来呢?!我更不可能象本人原先二个弟子陈鼎文、Jon Dyer那样,为了感谢您给他们攀辈份、所谓教拳资格证书,及可笑的您的继承人,而对教过他们十余年的老师进行造谣、诽谤、极力诋毁,或故意以讹传讹!



因此,我就尽量简要地写这封信,以回应网上那封您给Jon Dyer 的信。

约在今年三月初,本人从中国回来不久,某日接到Jon Dyer的电话来问候,并询问本人中国之旅的情况,我想他是一个跟着本人十多年后,又收为弟子的学生,也是本人信任的学生,所以热情地接了他的电话(其实那时他早已被您越辈收了徒弟,而他打电话来只是探听虚实,是你们发动诽谤、诋毁本人的第一步,只是本人太信任人,自己蒙在鼓里,还不知)。

第二日,本人的另一个近十年的徒弟陈鼎文出场了(他曾是本人最信任的弟子之一),他在中文网上刊文说,只有他与Jon Dyer二人是得到您阎龙昌签发的传授戴氏心意拳资格证书的人,并推翻他自己在十年前,为本人太极一书作序的内容,说“有关记载(主要指本人与泰拳冠军Dan Brook试手之事),现有不同版本”。

陈鼎文明知那出自Jon Dyer 的所谓“不同版本”是个谎言,却故意以讹传讹,为背叛本人找借口。也为了遵循您的指示而不顾人格地进行谎言的传播,用来感谢您(在我背后越辈收他们为徒,并给予证书)。



这二人被本人书信的形式正式通知被除名后约一周,Jon Dyer在英文网上对本人进行极力造谣、诋毁,编造了许多愚昧的谎言,并张贴在各个网站上。



于是,你们又进行第四步,即把一封今年一月份您阎龙昌给Jon Dyer的信登在网上,以作为证据。

可是,一读那被Jon Dyer用来作为证据的您的信,便觉得十分浅薄与可笑。信中主要说本人戴氏拳练得不对,Jon Dyer练得对。并言下之意能让他做继承人,因而也导致Jon Dyer对一个网站(RFS)的负责人TOM说:“他会好好地作为继承人把戴氏心意拳发扬光大,传播到世界各地、、、、、。”

(您也未被岳贵宁师爷定为继承人,您定他为“继承人”,那陈鼎文、俄罗斯人怎么办?再者,Jon Dyer 是本人二十余年教拳来,极少数几个,反复教,反复改正,却始终做不正确的学生之一,也许您有本事把他动作教正确,且保持不变,如果这点做到了,再谈他“作为继承人把戴氏心意拳发扬光大,传播到世界各地”比较实际。)


您的练拳录像网上有,如果真如您说的“本人练了没有Jon Dyer对”,那么本人可以与Jon Dyer都把自己练得四把、虎扑等放在视频里,与视频中的您的四把、虎扑对比一下,看谁练得正确,不就一目了然了吗?





而被您忽悠的几个人如曹继植、赵水根、段志刚都去拜王国安为师(Jon Dyer的文章撒谎说您是王的唯一弟子),但结果和您一样,一招一式心意拳都未学到。曹继植因写书题到王国安而遭众人指责,而您也遭到……。

同样的,您对本人不满,便写信给Jon Dyer,既编故事愚弄他,又发泄您对本人的怨恨。



所以,您既要找一个取代本人的人或数人,来每月给您寄钱,因此要愚弄Jon Dyer,让他认为是继承人;您又以为本人是靠教拳发了财(本人十多年,只教了二、三个人戴氏心意拳,而且多半是不收钱的),所以要发动陈鼎文、Jon Dyer等来造谣诋毁本人,以便本人没有学生,发不了财,这真是太幼稚可笑了!(本人原以为这次对本人的诋毁,是陈策划的,后又认为是Jon Dyer策划的,等看到您今年元月的信,才突然明白您早在一月份就策划好,他们二人的证书,不是您白给的,需要付出金钱及人格的价值去回报的)


第一. 靠教拳发财,非但发不了财,且要饿坏人的。本人花在学、练武上的钱,不知比教拳、写书所得多百倍。本人明白这是个赔本生意,但还是勇往直前,因为本人爱武,更有一个文化觉者的责任感,要把将近变质的、失传的传统武术文化保存下来。

第二. 事实总归事实,您网上视频,我们一起的录像等等,怎么也比谎言强千百倍。那二个被本人除名的人,先以泰拳冠军Dan Brook来造谣(被本人非但揭穿,本人且欢迎包括Dan Brook在内的任何人来再试);后又以本人与东南亚推手冠军葉神恩(Yek Sing Ong)大师的比试,及本人是否是马岳樑宗师的弟子,来造谣。以致本人不得不把与葉大师比试录像的全过程照片拿出来,以及不得不把马岳樑宗师给本人的亲笔信拿出来及其缘由写出来,共同放在本人的博客里,来证明这二人的谎言及无耻(那样做,若伤害了葉大师,或马岳樑恩师的其他弟子的话,实在是本人不得已的事,本人向来以慈悲为怀,嫉恶如仇的)。


他们不仅自己制造谣言,还传播谣言,把受到本人揭露的中文网上的骗子对本人的造谣,拿来当真事传播。如:网上骗子说本人不是王书文恩师的弟子或大弟子,还冒充记者采访王恩师。本人带着Jon Dyer到王师处,其家墙壁上挂着的弟子照片中,第一个便是本人拜王师后在上海著名王开照相馆拍得师徒合影;他们又传播谣言说:中文武术网上不少人扬言,若本人回中国,他们要与本人比武或加害本人。他们明知那些在中文网上诋毁、威胁本人的人,都是些被本人揭露过的骗子、造假者,这二人却装作糊涂,在英文网上传播谎言(而且本人去年底回中国时,为了回应骗子、谎言者的挑战,事先在在中文网上登上本人在上海某公园某几日等他们的消息,本人等了三天,一个影子没见,足见那些骗子的心虚);还有本人在中国首届全国心意六合拳比赛上获得“四把捶”及“短兵"两项一等奖,可骗子们却造谣说:本人根本没有参加比赛。当本人将比赛录像放到网上后,骗子们不响了,而他们却故意只提骗子们的话而不及其他。

不知Jon Dyer在说谎,还是他又在受到您的愚弄,说什么还有“阴阳天地八阵图”的戴氏心意拳套路,您没有教我,因此证明本人没有把您所会的都学会。谁都知道这个拳路是马二牛老先生传的,岳贵宁师爷这一支没有,您把它拿来愚弄Jon Dyer,真是不应该。




如您要我多宣传您,以便替您多找些学生,从而多挣钱,本人做到了:在中文网上发表长篇宣传您的文章,在英文网上让Jon Dyer也宣传您(您倒好,替您找来俄罗斯学生,您反而让他说,本人对您的宣传文章“想象力枝繁叶茂”。的确,我们第一次见面,您根本没把我打出去,但我在文章上说“您把我打到在墙上,脚离地近一米”。。。那是宣传您,做了些夸张。为您做了事,却反遭您嘲笑),可您的要求是:只宣传您,只给您创利。本人是为了热爱那个文化,想研究与保存它,不让它失传、变质。您则希望本人推广您,多让您赚些钱就行,至于文化不文化、完整不完整,您根本不在乎。

本人给您创利可以,也是本人一贯那么做的,但只宣传您,而不顾其他,是本人做不到的。宣传心意六合拳,不仅仅是戴氏心意,还有洛阳心意、买壮图心意、及十二大势李存湖心意等,是本人义不容辞的责任。本人 不能只为一人的私利服务,本人对整个心意六合拳文化有不可推卸的责任。同时,挖掘、整理真正的心意六合拳文化,也是作为一个读书人、练武人的天责。于是,我们在这方面有矛盾了。













您的确有两面派的技术,记得0七年我们临别前,您还假惺惺地在我面前指责Jon Dyer不是东西,抢KRIS学生(本人让学生KRIS跟您学,让您赚钱,不知怎么的,Chris跟您上了几堂课后,不上了,跑去跟Jon Dyer上了,所以您对那事耿耿于怀),临走在机场还拥抱着我说“谢谢我第二次办您来新西兰”,并说Jon:“外国人就是不行啊”。又假惺惺地指责陈鼎文,不断挖走自己师父的学生,不懂道理,您临走了,也不来送送(其实您与他早说好了),您能流泪感动人、、、、、


试想,假设您正面向本人提出要那二人为您的徒弟,本人绝不会不答应;假设您未在本人父亲、妻子面前挑拨,本人还会一如既往地每月寄钱给您,为您宣传,招揽学生;假如您心胸开阔,真正想弘扬心意拳,本人可以毫无保守地将您不知道的内容、理论与您分享,就同您曾毫不保守地传授本人一样(这些年来,阎师傅的确真心教了本人,还给本人的腰伤推拿,本人心里是感激的。阎师傅也的确在经过多年苦练后,有相当功力,但遗憾的是他却止于自己的功力,不向戴氏心意拳深处求。阎师傅的拳史、拳理、拳法应用、器械及器械应用,或许未得到相关的传授,存在着很大的不足,因而在遇见高手时,他的功力非但发不出威力,且易造成被进击的空隙。戴氏心意拳在传统上,传授很保守。阎师傅曾要本人教他“踩意 ”,他说:他听说岳贵宁先师也练“踩意”,但没教他,所以他想学。其实阎师傅如果保持这种胸怀,有许多他不知的内容,本人愿与其交流、探讨,就同阎师傅谈了老半天戴氏的蹲猴势身弓,竟然不知弓把、弓稍在何处,本人将马岳樑老师告诉本人的弓把、弓稍的位置,告诉他时,他才恍然大悟样地跷起大拇指,连声赞扬马老师高明)。


那天我看到在Jon Dyer那篇充满着谎言的文章中声称:是他在您的授意下并代表着您写的。鉴于他有撒谎的习惯,我当时还不相信,过不久,又看到他登在网上您给他的信,才明白的确是您授意的。













陈鼎文本质是很好的,受教育程度也高,悟性也不错,本来我以为他的文化水平,能理解我要为中华传统武术所要做的事,一起来抢救、总结与整理.本人既然不能为中华民族治国平天下,实现人类的普世价值:和平、民主、自由…..,那就为了中华文化做些实事。可是他为了一张“证书”,居然传播谣言……,的确让我伤心一阵子(Jon Dyer说您也因我而伤心,我想这大概又是一个谎言,您不是利用了我,获得了更多的徒弟了吗?而且,如果真的伤心,那么我对鼎文的伤心,与您对我的伤心的理由,是有天壤之别的,前者是为了失去一个曾有共同理念的助手而惋惜,后者是没有达到您私利目的而伤心)。

Jon Dyer也是一个不错的人,尽管他受教育程度不高,也有爱撒谎等恶习,考虑到心意六合拳“三教,三不教”,我也曾不愿收他为徒,但他在跟我学拳的十余年内,改好了不少,所以最后还是收了他为徒。但他为了做您的继承人,在您的授意下,撒了恶毒的谎言,虽然责任不在他。







关于这个美国人KRIS BOWEN,还有一段插曲。




过不久他在我这儿认识了我的另一个学生JON DYER。他们迅速热乎在一起,JON说此美国人给了他许多免费软件,并开始替此CHRIS抱怨本人的另一个陈姓台湾学生(EVAN CHEN)没有付给KRIS网页设计的费用。本人对JON说:本人不清楚KRIS与EVAN是怎么说的,你们最好自己去谈。

阎龙昌老师2007年来后,为了让他多挣钱,本人便将CHRIS介绍到阎龙昌老师处学拳,未料CHRIS在阎老师学了几趟课后,也不打声招呼,就不学了。后来阎老师很生气地对本人说:JON将KRIS抢去,KRIS在跟JON学戴氏心意拳。本人则一笑置之。后来这些人:KRIS, JON, EVAN, 阎又弄在一起,出现了戏剧般的变化,令人啼笑皆非,大概是物聚必类吧。






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Yinyangbapan Yingfan Shi teached by Liu Hongjun






Dai xinyiliuhe DunHouShi


Dr Ma Hongxian was teaching Stephen Yan luoyang xinyi DanBa


Stephen Yan was practising LiuHe Qiang


Dr.Li ZhengFu was teaching Stephen Yan LiuHe Qiang(2)


Dr.Li ZhengFu was teaching Stephen Yan LiuHe Qiang(1)